Gifts Ideas for 26 Year Wedding Anniversary

Jade turtle close up image by Da Vynci from

The 26th wedding anniversary certainly is a milestone but there is no traditional gift representing the year. In modern gift-giving times though, symbols have been given to the anniversary year creating a more contemporary tradition.

Original photographs and jade are the two items that have been chosen to represent the 26th year and offer a number of interesting and unique gift opportunities. Be creative when choosing your gift, such as using a similar green stone or creating personalised artwork to give a truly inspired surprise.


Naturally occurring in shades of green, jade has been used for centuries by the Chinese as a decorative material. The stone has become popular in modern times around the world, especially in objects like jewellery. Jade necklaces, rings and earrings are typical items that can be found. Step outside of the box and find a jade carving that represents the marriage. Items like jewellery boxes and desk accessories can also come decorated in jade.

Original Photographs

Images of the celebrated couple in a beautiful frame make memorable keepsakes. Photographs of special places or memorable experiences also create lasting gifts. Use an image or photograph that represents an important aspect of the relationship and the gift will be a success. Decorate the image with a jade-accented frame to carry the theme further.

Other Images

Images don't just have to be photographs, but can be paintings or sketches as well. Use your own artistic skills or hire a local artist. A portrait of the couple, or painting of their favourite pet, can make a lasting gift of fine art. A landscape or cityscape of the couple's favourite place can make an impressive gift in an abstract or realist style. Use existing photographic images to help you create the art work.

Other Stones

The existence of 26th anniversary gift representations is relatively new. Create your own spin on the celebrated year by using stones in the same colour range as jade. There are many other precious and semi-precious stones available in a wide range of green hues. Stones like emeralds and green topaz make exquisite high-end gifts. Other stones like peridot, tourmaline, green garnet and labradorite make great alternatives to jade as well.