Ideas for a lime green & black kitchen

Martin Poole/Digital Vision/Getty Images

Make a bold style statement by decorating your kitchen with a lime green and black colour scheme. The contrasting colours will balance each other out in an eye-catching way. Lime green adds a lively touch to a black background, while black decor pieces ground the citrus-hued items.

Add splashes of white and tan to create a flattering decor palette.

A Touch of White

Incorporating white in a lime green and black kitchen decor scheme will infuse the space with elegance. Sophisticated white pieces will keep the lime green decor from looking too garish and loud. Paint the kitchen walls white to act as a neutral backdrop. Choose a black-painted wood dining table set for an exotic look. Accent the space with lime green textiles, such as curtains, dish towels and rugs. Enhance boring kitchen countertops with white ceramic bowls filled with real or artificial limes for a fresh look. As a stunning kitchen table centrepiece, fill a lime green ceramic vase with elegant white flowers such as calla lilies or roses.

Bright Accents

Take the bold lime green and black colour scheme a step further by introducing another bright hue into the mix. Cool aqua blue will play off of bright green to create a retro-inspired space. Start by painting the kitchen walls a lime green colour. Top a black acrylic or wood kitchen table with a geometric-printed cloth featuring hues of black, lime green, white and aqua. Use a black wall shelf to show off vintage turquoise and green glass bottles and vases. Hang lime green and aqua-hued dish towels to tie the look together. Silver candlesticks filled with white tapers will make a modern-looking table centrepiece. Hang pots and pans from a stainless steel rack over the kitchen island.

Rustic Appeal

Create a casually elegant kitchen design using a lime green and black colour combination. Use a juxtaposition of rustic materials and sophisticated decor pieces for a visually stimulating style. Start by choosing a black wrought iron kitchen table featuring a glass or wood top. Hang a wrought iron candle chandelier above the table to create a soft glow during dinner parties. Accent the table with bright green woven cotton place mats, and use a wooden bowl filled with limes as a simple centrepiece. Wrap real or faux ivy vines around wrought iron shelves or a baker's rack for a country-inspired flair. Fill the space with green plants in terracotta pots.