Captain Morgan gifts

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Captain Morgan is a brand of rum founded, owned and distributed by Seagrams. According to the company's website, Captain Morgan was introduced in 1945 by then-President and CEO Sam Bronfman.

After founding the Captain Morgan Rum Company, Bronfman purchased the Long Pond Distillery in Jamaica and a recipe from two Jamaican pharmacists named the Levy Brothers. That recipe was produced and marketed as the company's first branded drink, Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum. Captain Morgan gift sets can be assembled with bottles of liquor or other merchandise, such as T-shirts.

Captain Morgan Gift Set

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If you're looking to give Captain Morgan as a gift to someone, consider assembling a Captain Morgan gift set. Captain Morgan now offers eight types of liquors -- Private Stock, Original Spiced Rum, 100 Proof Spiced Rum, Silver Spiced RumLime Bite, Long Island Iced Tea, Tattoo, and Parrot Bay vanilla- and coconut-flavoured rums. Put together an upscale basket with a bottle of Captain Morgan Private Stock which is rum aged at least two years in oak from the company's finest reserves. Add a few sipping glasses to the basket to complete the gift. Or, consider combining bottles of Original Spiced, Silver Spiced and 100 Proof Spiced Rum for a Captain Morgan Spiced Rum-themed gift basket. Add a few tall tumbler glasses and re-freezable ice cubes in fun shapes like swords or parrots or even barrels to the basket for a creative gift.

Personalised Bar Signs

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Various retailers create personalised bar signs for individuals who have in-home bars and an affection for particular brands of liquor. A common Captain Morgan sign is produced in tin and measures 46cm (18 inches) tall by 30cm (12 inches) wide. With maroon and tan colours, the sign mimics the labelling on Captain Morgan's older original spiced rum bottles. Signs can be personalised with three characters, such as a person's initials, and a date. This creative gift idea could be a nice addition to a friend's home bar, particularly if the recipient enjoys rum. The signs cost around £19. You could also pair your sign with a set of Captain Morgan assorted 443ml glasses, which retail for around £9.

Pub Themed Gifts

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Continuing along with Captain Morgan gift ideas for someone with an in-home bar, various companies make pub tables with a Captain Morgan theme to them. At about £97 apiece, these pub tables feature the Captain Morgan pirate outline and name in trademarked lettering. Wall clocks with the Captain Morgan logo and "Original Spiced Rum" lettering are also available and retail for around £9. Together, the gifts could complete a friend's home bar nicely.