Mac Diablo 2 Hacks

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"Diablo II" is a classic dungeon-crawling role-playing computer game from Blizzard Entertainment. The game allows you to build an adventurer into a powerful hero through hours of fighting and looting.

For players who would like to skip the hours of fighting and looting and get right to the power, there are a variety of hacking tools available for "Diablo II" on the Mac. These tools allow you to edit your saved character to have a custom set of skills, a certain level of plot development and a unique inventory of items.

Diablo II MPQ Tool

Souricette's MPQ Tool allows you the greatest control over "Diablo II" on your Mac. MPQ Tool allows you to edit Blizzard's MPQ files and TBL files. Editing the content in MPQ file allows you to create very effective mods. TBL files contain the text used by in game characters to speak. You can change these to modify any text in the game. MPQ Tool also includes a save game editor that allows editing of basic statistics, skill points, quest progress and waypoint activation. MPQ Tool is available for Intel and Power PC-based Macs.


Although it lacks the modding capabilities of MPQ Tool, Alkor boasts a considerably more capable savegame editor. In addition to the character editing features offered by MPQ tool, Alkor also offers control over your inventory. This allows you to forge items for your character and your hirelings. You can create and transfer runes and other objects as well. The downside to Alkor is that these inventory changes increase the chance of destabilising your character and corrupting the savegame file. Alkor is intended for Intel-based Macs running OSX.

Diablo II Cheater

Diablo II Cheater is a basic savegame editor, but it is compatible with Power PC-based Mac systems. Diablo II Cheater allows you to edit basic character statistics as well as waypoints, quests, and skills. This software does not include an inventory editor, so you won't be able to add new items to your character's save file. Diablo II Cheater is intended for classic Macs only.