X3 reunion money cheats

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X3: Reunion continues the story of X2: The Threat, and it upgrades the graphics and physics of the X Universe. Fight or trade your way to glory in a dynamic universe.

Those dreams of glory will require vast amounts of wealth to be fully realised, but thankfully, you won't have to trudge your way through hours of trading and fighting. You can use the versatile script editor to instantly add credits to your pilot's account.

Enable Script Editor

Open your menu and select "Personal," followed by "Pilot" and "Rename." Change your pilot's name to "Thereshallbewings," omitting the punctuation. Note that the name begins with a capital letter. Your pilot's name will not be changed.

Default Money Cheat

Open the script editor and scroll down to the script titled "a.cheat.givememoney." Press "r" to run the script and receive an instant 100,000 credits.

Create Your Own Money Cheat

Open the script editor from the main menu and select "New Script." Enter a name for your script. Scroll down to the code section and select "New Line," followed by "Trade Commands." Scroll down and find the command titled "add money to player: ." Press Enter. Select the "Number" option and type in the amount of money you want. Press Escape to close the editor and save the script. Now you can simply select it from the script list and press "r" to run the script.