How to kick people in GMod

Ryan McVay/Photodisc/Getty Images

GMod is short for “Garry’s Mod.” A “mod” is a modifiable computer game that allows users to create their own characters, objects and scenery. GMod was originally intended as an exercise yard for budding games designers and graphics artists and many different adaptations are accessible by the public over the Internet. However, allowing public access to your implementation invites in trolls and children. If you find some uncouth soul got into your game and blew up all your hard work, you can kick them off.

Press the “Tab” key to enter the scoreboard. This will give you an idea of who the miscreant is. You should be looking for a player who has destroyed more than he has created.

Press the “Tilde” key (“~”) to enter the developer console. This screen allows you to issue administrator commands.

Type “status” and press return. You need to find the “Unique ID (Steam ID)” value in the output of this command that corresponds to the username you noted in the scoreboard.

Enter “kick” followed by a space and then the Unique ID. You can then add another space and give a message to the person being kicked. An alternative to the “kick” command is “kickid.” This should be followed by the player’s User Id which you can also find in the status output.

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