Pencak Silat cheats

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Pencak Silat is a style of martial arts native to Indonesia. In the online computer game Pencak Silat, you play as a character in search of his lost martial arts master. You must fight battles to earn experience points, strength and money to purchase items from various shops in the game.

Click the "Options" menu in Pencak Silat, type the cheat you want to use into the "Enter extra code" input field and click "Enter" to activate it.

Maximum items

The cheat "allitems" may be entered to get the maximum number of all items. Pencak Silat items include medicinal herbs and drinks used to increase strength and stamina, weapons and scrolls that contain secrets, and hints relevant to the level you are playing.

Clear all locations

Enter the cheat "allclear" to unlock all six of the locations in Pencak Silat's story mode. This cheat enables you to skip to any location in the game without beating the preceding levels.

99,999 points

Enter the cheat "99999" to obtain 99,999 bonus points in Pencak Silat. These points may be used to purchase items from the various stores in the game's story mode.

Secret messages

The cheats "jannata" and "starwars" may be entered to display secret messages from the creator of Pencak Silat. "Jannata" displays "Hello there, thanks for playing!" and "starwars" displays "Episode 2 on May 16th! Whoa, Yeah!" on the "Options" screen. These cheats are not known to have any other effect in the game.