How to Change Languages in "Sacred 2"

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"Sacred 2" is a computer game developed by Ascaron and released in 2008. "Sacred 2" is a third-person fantasy game that takes place within a 22 square mile map. The game includes dungeons and open area worlds, which take the form of deserts, plains, jungles and forests. You may wish to change the language of "Sacred 2" if you purchased a version of the game that does not contain your native language. You must download a foreign language pack in order to change the language in "Sacred 2."

Navigate to the Softpedia Sacred 2 language pack download webpage. (See Resources.)

Click on the link for the executable language pack for the language you wish to have installed with "Sacred 2." For example, if you want "Sacred 2" in German, click "German language pack [EXE]."

Open the executable language pack. Click "Install" to overwrite the current "Sacred 2" language files with the new language files. Start "Sacred 2" and the game will have converted to the new language.

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