How to Create Your Own "Yu-Gi-Oh!" Character

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If you think you can do better than Yugi or Kaiba in a duel or want to transport your own creations into the world of “Yu-Gi-Oh!,” you can create your own character. After developing the idea for your character, go beyond just using your character in stories or art and turn him into a monster card in the “Yu-Gi-Oh!" card game. Your character can enter battle and be used as an ally in friendly duels against other card game players.

Choose an attribute for your character to embody. Attributes revolve around the elements and include earth, fire, dark, divine, light, water and wind. For example, if your character is from under the ocean, he would have the water attribute.

Select a type for your character. Available types include fish, insect, beast, dinosaur, spellcaster and plant, among others. Your type dictates the effects of support cards such as the Machine Duplication spell which allows you to summon two other machine-type monsters of the same name from your deck.

Choose a name for your character. Your character will be identified by his name such as “Trickster” or “Albert the Wise.”

Create a picture of your character. Look online for images or draw your own in a drawing program such as MS Paint or Apple Paintbrush. You can also draw an image of your character on paper and scan it into your computer.

Decide on the level of your character. While high-level characters are more powerful, characters under level 5 can be summoned into battle without sacrificing another card.

Choose the Attack and Defense rating for your character. Keep the ratings reasonable, as a character with an attack over 4,000 will be seen as unfair, even in a friendly game.

Develop a special ability for your character. For example, your character may have the ability to remove one monster from your opponent's side of the duelling field or negate spells directed at him.

Turn your character into a card. Use a downloadable program such as the “Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Maker” or scan any card into your computer and edit the information in a drawing program. Replace all the text with the information you developed for your character and the image with your created picture. Create the card as a “Monster” card so your character can act in battle.

Print out your card and glue it over an old “Yu-Gi-Oh!” card so that it has the same backing and weight as other cards in your deck.

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