How to fix a stuck Sim in The Sims Medieval

Courtesy of EA Games

The Sims Mediaeval is an extremely popular computer game, part of the successful Sims franchise. However, like many computer games, it can be prone to the odd glitch. In certain instances, one of the characters becomes stuck, and refuses to respond. Most people will try to find a work around, rather than having to stop and start all over again. There are a several options worth trying. Which one you use, may well depend how far you have progressed through the game, and how many points you stand to lose.

Three options

Save and quit your game, and then go to the menu and exit out. Load the current quest again, and when it reaches the sticking point, click on your stuck character. If you can, switch to secondary hero, and then click on the trapped character. If this does not happen first time, try it again, and this time, try and interact with the nearest character. This may mean fighting a duel, but it may well get things moving again.

Search your installation folder, and find GameData\Shared\Non-packaged\Ini. In Notepad, or another text editor, open Commands.Ini. Change the following, from: TestingCheatsEnabled=0, to, TestingCheatsEnabled=1. Save this file, if possible. If there are problems with access permissions, save the file in another place, such as My Documents, and simply copy the replacement file over. Once you have done this, start your game again. Click on your stuck Sim, whilst holding down Shift. Click Object, and then Force Reset. This should enable you to move your character as before.

Quit the Quest. Simply close the game down, and start again. However, before you do this, make a note of how many points you have achieved. You will see a pop up warning, when you click on “Quit Quest”, asking if you want to quit, even thought it means losing all of your achievements so far. Nevertheless, click “Yes”. Click on the Quests button again, and note how many points you currently have in your kingdom. Make a note of this number, and click on the close button. Do not click on a new quest. Add the number of points achieved on this quest, with the number of points you have in your kingdom. Type ctrl+shift+C and type in “SetQP”, together with the number of points you have in total. No need to use quotation marks. Start your game again. It's a good idea to take another route to try and avoid the sticking problems again.

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