Peavey HiSys 115 Specs

The Peavey HiSys series of speaker enclosures are designed to offer low-frequency sound reinforcement for live music applications. Offered in several configurations, the HiSys 115 model offers a built-in crossover circuit, high-pass output socket and bi-amp capability. The HiSys 115 enclosure features a 15-inch Black Widow woofer and a low-loss Neutrik input socket.

HiSys 115 Physical Specs

The HiSys 115 speaker enclosure measure 25 by 22.5 by 20 inches and weigh approximately 29.9kg. The enclosure features a traditional trapezoid design, with heavy-duty, flush-mount handles, water resistant cloth covering and a curved, silver speaker grill.

HiSys 115 Hi-Pass Output

The HiSys 115 is fitted with a high-pass output socket, which provides a filtered output signal for connection to a satellite enclosure, with a minimum impedance of 4 ohms. The Peavey crossover circuit ensures the total load presented to the power amplifier is never less than a nominal 4 ohms.

HiSys 115 Connections

The HiSys 115 enclosure is fitted with a low-loss Neutrik input socket. The enclosure is wired to a full-range amplifier output signal via a high-quality twin conductor cable, fitted a four-pole Neutrik plug. This wiring is not included with the speaker enclosure. The full range signal is split by the HiSys 115 crossover circuit, which sends the low frequency signal to the on-board speaker while passing the high frequency signal to a satellite speaker via the high pass output socket.

HiSys 115 Bi-Amp Operation

The HiSys 115 speaker enclosure is capable of bi-amp operation but requires a minor reconfiguration for correct operation. The enclosure features an internal crossover board with patches for passive/full range and bi-amp modes available. From the factory, the 115 is pre-patched for passive/full range mode. To enable bi-amp operation, simply remove the handle on the right side of the cabinet (when viewed from the front) revealing the internal crossover circuit. Remove the patch plug from the lower socket and repatch it into the upper socket, then replace the handle.

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