Roland Spirit 30 Amp Specs

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The Roland Spirit 30 is a guitar amp that was made in Japan in 1981. A bass model was included in the series. It has one 12-inch speaker and was introduced to the market as an entry-level model. At 13.6 Kilogram, this heavy-duty amp delivers a more powerful sound than most solid-state amps of its size. Spirit 30 amplifiers and others in this series are no longer made by Roland, but the recent "Cube" series of Roland amplifiers offers a similar product with updated technology.

Size and Weight

The Roland Spirit 30 has a 12-inch, heavy-duty Roland transducer speaker. The amp is approximately 18 inches tall and weighs 13.6 Kilogram. It is a solid state and not a tube amp. The cloth grill gives it a more vintage look than an amp from the early 1980s, resembling a classic Vox or Fender amp with a tweed grill.


The Roland Spirit 30 has two input jacks, high and low. The first volume knob also serves to activate the overdrive by pulling it out and turning it toward the right. The master volume has a full presence dial as well. Other knobs include bass, middle, treble and a reverb dial.


In addition to the high and low input jacks, the Roland Spirit 30 amp series includes a headphone jack and a footswitch jack for a reverb pedal. Because the amp was made in the 1980s and is likely to be sold used, the footswitch may not be included with most models for sale.

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