Specs on the Fender Squier Champ 15GR Amplifier

amplifier image by Darko Draskovic from <a href='http://www.fotolia.com'>Fotolia.com</a>

The Squier Champ 15GR is an electric guitar amplifier manufactured by Fender. The Squier nameplate is a less-expensive alternative to instruments and amplifiers with the Fender name, but Squiers are manufactured with the same high-quality standards for which Fender is famed.


The Squier Champ 15GR is small-sized practice amp ideal for use in a living room or bedroom. The Champ weighs around 4.54 Kilogram.


The Squire Champ 15GR has 15 watts of power, one 8'' speaker and two input jacks. The Champ also has a headphone jack and an external speaker jack.


The Squier Champ 15GR has the ability to produce clean tones as well as distortion without the use of effects pedals, by means of a two-way channel selector on the amp's panel. The guitarist has the ability to adjust the volume, treble, bass and reverb.

Squire Strat-Pack

The Squier Champ 15GR was once the amp included with the Squire Strat-Pack. The amp that is now included in the Strat-pack is the Squire Frontman.


The Squier Champ 15GR can be found on ebay.com, as well as local music stores that deal in used instruments and amplifiers.