Wharfedale S500 Specs

radio image by Carlos Restrepo from Fotolia.com

The high-quality Warfedale S500 series speakers are no longer manufactured. However, these speakers may be available online or available second-hand via classified ads or thrift shops. These speakers stand on the floor rather than sitting on a table.

You can hook these speakers up to a television, boom box or computer.


The nominal impedance for the speakers is 80 ohms. The average impedance of a speaker is 4, 8 or 16 ohms. The high impedance of this speaker means you can create stronger, deeper sounds. It also means the speaker requires a large supply of power.

Power Handling

The speaker has a power handling rate of 125 watts.

Frequency Response

The speakers have a sound frequency response of 100, a pressure frequency response of 95 and a level frequency response of 85.


Two speakers make up the S500 speaker set. Each speaker is 560mm by 250mm by 290mm.


The speakers are black and are covered with a removable black mesh cover.


Typically, the speaker set costs about £650.