Christian hen party games

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A traditional hen party is often focused on a celebration of one's last night of "freedom." Women may go out on the town to bars and male strip clubs. This type of party certainly isn't for everyone. If you're a Christian who takes her faith seriously, you can still make your hen party a night to remember. Take the time to bond with your best lady friends, have good food and drink and play some games. Games can bring out the competitive sides of guests while giving the entire group something to participate in.

Mr and Mrs

Play your own version of Mr and Mrs off the tele. If you're planning a hen party for your friend, meet with her husband-to-be with a video camera and a set of 15 to 20 questions about the couple. Ask about things such as where they shared a first kiss, what her favourite meal is and what about him annoys her the most. Record his answers. At the party, pass out a list of the questions to each guest. For each question, the women must guess as to whether the bride-to-be's answer will match her future husband's. After the bride answers her questions, play the video of the fiancé. Whoever made the most guesses as to matching answers wins the game.

Handbag game

Chances are, most guests at the hen party will bring a handbag. Play the purse game. Make up a list of things commonly found in a woman's handbag, such as a brush, mirror, make-up, medicine, Bible verse and cross. Assign a point value to each item and make a list. Before playing the game, pass out a copy of the list to each player. As they go through their handbags, instruct them to mark down which items they have. You can choose to award bonus points for the women who have the strangest objects in their handbags.

Toilet paper wedding dress

The toilet paper wedding dress game will likely have hen party guests laughing. Be sure to have a camera on hand to capture the moments. Divide the party guests into teams of three to four people. Each group chooses a model for the wedding dress. During the game, the other team members fashion a dress on the model made completely of toilet paper. Teams can also make accessories like jewellery, veils and bouquets, as long as they are completely made of the toilet paper. Let the bachelorette decide the winner by choosing which dress she likes best.

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