The best birthday cakes for a boyfriend

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Birthday cakes don't need to be boring. Draw inspiration for a boyfriend's birthday cake from his hobbies, habits and interests. Make a list of the top five things he favours and incorporate one of those things into a creative birthday cake design. Bake at home or employ a local baker and present the cake before the presents.

Popular culture

Star Wars, Indiana Jones, rock stars, fast cars and techie gadgets are often common points of inspiration in a man's personal dialogue. Tune into what popular people, items, places or fiction he loves and create a personalised cake. Create a Darth Vader, Corvette or iPad cake at home or print a picture of inspiration from a quick online search and bring it into a local bake shop. Creatively correspond the cake with a hint of what the present will be, such as a sea turtle for scuba diving lessons or a race car for rally race tickets.


Sports team-inspired cakes can be ordered from a local grocery or speciality pastry shop, but home baking is often more affordable. Parenting magazine online offers great suggestions for making sports-themed cakes that are easy to assemble, but impressive to view. Create a landscape or object from his favourite sport to play or watch. Add a team logo or his school or university kit number. If he is more of an extreme sports fan, create something inspirational such as a Mount Everest cake.

Food inspired

Hamburgers and chips are not just for dinner. Slice sponge cake to look like chips and grill the slices until they look just a little burnt on the edges. Serve in a waxed paper lined basket with a side of red frosting in a small paper cupcake liner. Make a hamburger cake by melting marshmallow and chocolate chips, then add chocolate crispy rice cereal to the mix and shape into a hamburger patty. Buy or make two 22.5 cm (9-inch) round cakes for the burger bun. Use frosting, fondant, fruit slices and spearmint leaves to create the burger fixings.


Boyfriends who are excited or anxious to turn another year older will get a giggle from the cannibal cake. Stack two 22.5 cm (9-inch) round cakes. Prop the top cake up 45 degrees above the bottom cake with a folded round piece of cardboard coloured pink. Frost the cake and apply two large googly eyes on the front. Bake a small batch of cupcakes and line them up haphazardly in front of the large cake. Frost the cupcakes with eyes and a squiggle mouth, as if running away in terror from the large cake. Place one cupcake in the big cake's mouth.

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