Ideas to Wrap a Laundry Hamper for a Shower Gift

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Whether you're "showering" a bride-to-be, a mother-to-be or a person moving to a new location, it can be difficult to wrap large presents such as laundry hampers. You don't want the recipient to see your gift ahead of time, so think outside the box (or hamper) for other packaging options. With a bit of creative planning, you'll have the perfect present all wrapped up.

Bathroom Buddies

A shower curtain makes for an ideal laundry hamper wrapper because of its sturdy material. No matter how heavy the laundry basket itself, the reinforced vinyl or cloth material of a shower curtain can both conceal and protect the present. Place the hamper in the middle of the curtain and fold all the edges of the curtain up around the hamper's top. Take advantage of the precut holes in the shower curtain to gather and tie ribbons, securing the hamper inside. Create a whole theme around the hamper and curtain combo by filling the hamper with bathroom cups, a tissue box cover and towels that match the hamper.

Funny Fake-Out

Bring a little bit of laughter to the shower when you gift wrap a laundry hamper in a large box meant for something else. Hold onto boxes from furniture, electronics and other large purchases or find free boxes at warehouse and club stores. A box for 22.7 Kilogram of ketchup or 300 pairs of socks, for example, may bring a quizzical look to the recipient's face until she opens the box and discovers the hamper inside.

Talking Toilet Paper

Take a cue from a popular shower game and deck out a laundry hamper in toilet paper. The toilet paper game is usually focused on getting to know people as they tear off pieces of toilet paper and tell facts about themselves, but for wrapping a laundry hamper, toilet paper makes an economical option. One roll will probably be enough to mummify the entire hamper. Find toilet paper in basic white, plus blue, green and tan and other decorated options as well. Dress up the paper with a bit of adhesive spray glitter or stickers themed to the shower event.

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