Large Cupcake Ideas

Large cupcakes are made using a special pan that helps you create a cupcake-shaped cake several times larger than a standard cupcake. The cake is baked in two parts, the bottom and the top, then put together so it looks like a large cupcake. There many ways to decorate or use a large cupcake so it will be perfect for the party or celebration you are planning.


Use a large cupcake as the centrepiece for your cake table and surround it by a batch of smaller cupcakes. Frost the base of the cupcake cake in the same colour as the cupcake liners you are using for the small cupcakes. Add the same frosting on the top of the large cupcake. If you are decorating the small cupcakes with an embellishment, such as sprinkles, make large sprinkles out of rolled fondant and place them on top of the large cupcake.

Flower Pot

Make your large cupcake look like a flower pot. Frost the base of the cupcake cake with brown or tan frosting so it looks like a terra cotta pot. Frost the top section of the cake with green icing. Pipe leaf shapes all over the cake. Then, add flower-shaped candies or pipe flower shapes onto the top of the cake. Use bright colours, such as yellow, red and pink, for the flowers.


A cupcake cake can also be decorated so that it looks like a house. Frost the base of the cupcake in white, red, black or whatever colour you would like your house to be. Frost the top of the cake in a roof colour. Add square sugar-coated cereal pieces to the top of the cake to look like roof tiles. Use candies or frosting in a pastry bag to create details on the base of the cake, such as the house's door, windows and shutters.


Use a cupcake cake to bake a cake that looks like a mushroom. Bake the two cakes and carve the sides of the base so that it is narrower in the middle, similar to the stem of a mushroom. Use a serrated knife to do this so the cake does not crumble as easily. Frost the base of the mushroom with the colour of your choice, then add the top. Frost the top in the same colour or a different one and add decorative elements, such as candy polka dots or a frosting peace sign.

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