Ballerina Bedroom Ideas for Girls

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Bedroom decor ideas and themes using ballerinas or mermaids allow girls to express their interest and their personalities. Finding the right objects and supplies to create the theme in the room may be challenging if you don't have a decorating plan to work from.

But with a little research, It is possible to achieve your daughter's goal of a ballerina-themed bedroom.

Wall Decorations

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Wall decorations can be simple additions to the appearance of the room such as a hanging pair of ballet slippers or lace around the windows to mimic the appearance of a tutu. You may also hang ballerina figurines from the wall if you have any. Wall colour paint options such as pink, light purple and magenta go excellently with the ballerina theme. You may also pick a wallpaper that is a combination of these two colours. As long as the colours are soft, you cannot go wrong. If you can find wallpaper with the ballerina theme already printed on it, this would also be an idea choice.


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The use of self-adhesive or iron-on motifs and appliqués can be used to decorate a plain comforter or blanket. You may simply find ballerina themed appliqués and motifs such as images of ballerinas dancing, ballerinas posing or ballet slippers. You apply them to the blanket by ironing them on or pressing them on to the blanket. The blanket should ideally be pink with lace edges or have ribbon sewn along the sides. The blanket should also be a pink, light purple or magenta colour to go along with the walls and rugs in the room.


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The ideal solution would be finding a ballerina rug with images of a ballerina on it. However, this may not be possible. The rug should follow the colour scheme of the room. A shaggy pink rug would be a great choice. It may also be brown or the room's main colour combined with white. Plain rugs are better than settling for a printed rug that does not follow the decor of the room. For example, a rug with flowers printed on it, while being girlie and cute, would totally ruin the ballerina theme in the room. Keep this in mind while shopping and buying rugs.