50th birthday ideas and cakes

50 - fünfzig image by manu from Fotolia.com

The 50th is a milestone birthday. Like the 50th wedding anniversary, the 50th birthday is often a cause for lavish celebrations. Twice the age of one landmark (age 25) and half the age of another landmark (age 100), 50 is generally considered to be middle age or beyond.

Use creativity and planning to celebrate a 50th birthday with thoughtful details.

50 Wishes

Birthday wishes are traditionally given by the birthday honoree as he blows out his birthday candles. Turn that tradition around, by requesting one wish each from 50 friends and family members of the birthday honoree. The request for wishes asks that responders write down their hopes for the birthday honoree's future. The handwritten wishes are given to the 50-year-old. Neat, typed copies of the wishes are displayed at the birthday celebration. Calligraphy is an alternative to typewritten copies. DGreetings.com suggests using a gold colour scheme because the 50th wedding anniversary is known as the golden anniversary.


A roast is an event that feature friendly jokes at the expense of the person of honour. Friends and family members take turns telling funny stories and jokes about the honoree's life and personality. Most roasts are adults-only events, because some jokes and stories are not suitable for children. A roast for a 50th birthday has jokes related to the ageing process. Roasts are for people with a sense of humour who can handle hearing jokes about themselves. Celebrations, a website devoted to party planning, suggests scheduling 30 minutes for the roast and allowing time at the end for the guest of honour to respond and speak.

Over The Hill Cake

The phrase "over the hill" generally applies to people who are 40 years old and older. According to English-for-Students.com, the popular expression refers to the idea that a person of a certain age has passed his or her peak and is now on the decline. A cake shaped like a hill or that includes the phrase "over the hill," reiterates the theme. Many bakeries across the United States offer custom-made cakes. A homemade "over the hill" cake is an alternative to a professionally created cake.