Home Bar Designs and Ideas

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Designing your own home bar is a rewarding way to create an oasis or entertainment space at home. While it might seem intimidating, home bar design can be more easily accomplished by focusing on a design theme.

Whether you prefer a pub, tiki bar or chic lounge, focusing on coordinating the flooring, wall covering and accessories becomes easier once you have a design direction to move toward.

Pub Design

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Beautiful wood accents are the cornerstone of any pub design. To recreate this feeling in your home bar, you will want to incorporate an ornately carved wood bar. Vintage and reclaimed bars from antique companies and salvage companies retain a great deal of character and go far in setting the stage for your pub design. Stone floor tiles or carpets in earthy shades of red or brown would make an appropriate compliment to your pub bar as well as upholstered stools in coordinating colours. To contrast with the wood and flooring, a lighter coloured ceiling and textured walls in a matching colour, such as a deep rusty yellow or terracotta, works nicely. Wrought-iron light fixtures, oil paintings and wood trim complete the design of this pub room.

Tiki Bar

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One of the most iconic elements of a tiki bar is the thatched roof. When designing a home tiki bar, it is the bar roof, rather than the bar itself, that is going to make the biggest design statement, so a simple wood bar with a plain finish is best. There are a number of tiki home bar vendors who can help you gather the necessary materials for this design. Carved tiki totem poles can be installed to hold the thatched roof in place or at least give the appearance of doing so. For low ceilings a light bamboo plank covered in thatch and angling down from the ceiling can give the impression of a thatched roof with much less construction. Bamboo flooring and rattan wall panels are very nice complements to a tiki bar design, as well as tropical-inspired bamboo stools. Brightly coloured hanging pendant lamps in shades of red, orange, green and blue will accent the tropical wood and finish off this tropical tiki ambience.

Ultra-Chic Bar

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You might see white-on-white colour schemes when visiting superchic hotels and bars of Miami's South Beach, such as the Mondrian South Beach Hotel or the Nikki Beach Club. A rustic wooden bar set against a white room is easy to imitate in a home bar design. Draping swags of white fabric on either side of the bar and covering rustic wood stools in white upholstery are going to bring this look together. Sand-coloured wood floors and white textured wallpaper coordinate well with this chic design style. White chandeliers compliment this design scheme nicely and provide the necessary mood lighting. Vibrant blue artwork and glass candle votives are accessories that will make this room pop and create contrast with the ultrachic white design.