Colors for walls with cream colored cabinets Images

Cream is a quite neutral colour, so if your cabinets happen to be cream coloured, you're afforded the luxury of being able to choose from a variety of colours to coordinate -- as nearly all colours work with this neutral tone.

When choosing a wall colour to correspond with your cream cabinets, the choice really depends on the look you want to achieve in the space.


If you're looking to set a country vibe, choose pastel colours for the walls of a room that contains cream-coloured cabinets. Baby blue, pale pink, lilac and pastel green are all options to consider, as these colours are often used in country-style decor. Your cream-coloured cabinets subtly stand out against a pastel hue, calling slight attention to them and making them a delicate architectural feature in the space.

Cool Colors

For a room that has a calming and relaxed look inspired by the beach, consider using cool colours in combination with your cream-coloured cabinets. Cool blue, aqua, sea foam green or turquoise are reminiscent of the beach and will help you create a relaxed, breezy seaside retreat, evoking the feeling of being by the beach, whether you live near the shore or not.

Bold Colors

For a bold, modern statement, choose vivid and brilliant colours for walls that feature cream coloured cabinets. Jewel toned colours, such as garnet, amethyst, sapphire or emerald, give the room a stately look. Bright red, shocking purple and electric blue can be used to transform the space into a modern area. Use a single colour or use a combination of two or more colours to create an even more shocking look.


Create a natural, rustic look for a room with cream coloured cabinets with neutral coloured paints. Paint the walls cream to make the cabinets blend in with the walls. To subtly distinguish the wall colour from the cabinet colour, opt for an ecru, brown, tan or sage green for the walls. Colours reminiscent of nature are ideal for creating a calming, rustic look in a room with cream-coloured cabinets.