Color schemes to go with a caramel brown sofa

According to Decorating Secrets, if you like shades of brown, then you're a harmonious person that craves quality and comfort, and you love being at home. Bringing shades of brown into your home makes the space feel warmer, cosier, and more inviting. Dark brown shades are one choice, but if you prefer a lighter colour, opt for a warm caramel brown and decorate around it.

Rich and Warm

For a room that radiates a warm feeling, opt for different shades of brown and gold. Use the caramel shade as an accent piece, with darker shades of brown running throughout the room. Caramel brown is similar to khaki, but with a warmer and darker colouring. Pick leather furniture done in shades of caramel and carry those same colours over into your window decor and carpeting. If you have hardwood floors, then add an area rug to the floor, decorated with caramel colours. Use deeper gold colours as throw pillows and wall hangings around the room.

Jewel Tone Decorating

When paired with an emerald green, garnet red, or other jewel tone, the caramel brown shade almost becomes a neutral. The brown shade picks up on the richness of the tones and highlights those colours. Mix just a few coloured accessories into a caramel-coloured room, letting each one of those items shine. Add garnet-coloured throw pillows or an emerald-coloured lamp.

Pastel Colors

Caramel brown pairs nicely with pastel colours, such as a baby blue or pale pink. Use the pastel shades as an accent around the room, with the brown shade serving as the dominant colour. Bring in a light white colour or cream colour to frame the neutral shades and pastel shades. For example, paint your bedroom walls a rich caramel colour and use white on the trim. Decorate the bed with caramel-coloured bedding and add a few pastel pillows to offset the brown. Use cream-coloured furniture to break up the brown. You can even paint the walls in alternating stripes of brown and blue to make the colours pop.

Caramel and Rust

The richness of caramel brown complements rust-coloured items. Mix and match the items together in your room, such as pairing a caramel-coloured couch with end tables painted a rust colour. Natural brick elements have a deep red shade that pairs well with the brown as well. Paint the walls around a brick fireplace a caramel colour that highlights the fireplace.

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