Can You Wash Ironing Board Covers?

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Ironing board covers not only protect your clothing from dirt and debris transferring onto the fabric, but also from the impression of the ironing board's frame transferring onto your clothing. The covers are available for a variety of ironing board types and sizes, including tabletop and freestanding models. Ironing board covers, like other materials, are not immune to dust, dirt and debris from your iron.


You can wash an ironing board cover to remove dust, dirt and debris build-up from its fabric. Each cover contains a care label that gives manufacturer directions on how to clean the item. If the care label states to hand wash the cover or the cover doesn't contain a care label, remove the cover from the ironing board's frame then wet a sponge with lukewarm water. Add a mild cleaning detergent to the sponge, wring out excess and wipe the cover with the damp sponge.

Machine Washing

If the ironing board cover's care label states to machine wash the item, place it in your home's washing machine along with a mild detergent and cold water. Set the machine to the gentle or delicate cycle and let the cover wash. If the cover is old or frayed, you may want to remove it from the washer before the spin cycle starts to keep the cover from coming apart.


Hang the ironing board cover on a clothesline, drying rack or flat surface to dry. Do not dry the cover in your home's dryer -- the dryer's heat can damage any coating that may be on the cover.

Regular Care

Wash your ironing board cover on a regular basis to keep debris from transferring to your clothing. To clean the ironing board frame, remove the cover and then spray the frame with a all-purpose cleaner or clear water. Wipe the frame with a sponge or clean rag. Dry the frame, including any vent holes, with a clean rag or cloth before reinstalling the cover. When reinstalling the cover, make sure you pull the cover tightly onto the ironing board frame so no wrinkles are present and then set your iron to its highest setting and iron the cover to smooth out any small wrinkles.

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