How to clean a Barbour quilted coat

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A Barbour quilted coat is a jacket made from padded fabric formed from two or more layers of material which are sewn together with a distinctive pattern. Popular for outdoor pursuits, Barbour quilted coats are likely to become dirty quicker than some other types of coat. There are two main types – waxed jackets and waterproof/breathable jackets. You must clean some Barbour quilted coats by hand and you may wash some others by hand or in a machine.

Waxed jackets

Run cold water onto the sponge from the tap and squeeze it to remove the excess.

Dab lightly at the dirt to remove it, taking care not to damage the wax finish.

Wash the sponge under the tap to remove all trapped dirt.

Open the jacket to reveal the inner lining.

Dampen the sponge as before and dab lightly at dirt on the liner to remove it.

Hang the coat in a warm place to dry.

Waterproof / breathable jackets

Place your waterproof or breathable Barbour quilted coat into a washing machine.

Add non-detergent soap.

Set the temperature dial to 30 degrees or select a programme with a 30-degree temperature, then start the wash.

Tumble-dry on a low-heat setting.

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