Error code F23 on a Whirlpool washing machine

Ryan McVay/Digital Vision/Getty Images

The "F23" error code can prevent you from doing hot water laundry on a Whirlpool washing machine. The code can be cleared and washing can resume, but there are simple fixes to keep the code from reappearing and getting hot water again.


On Whirlpool washers with an LCD, the code appears as "F23." On washers without an LCD screen, look for the "Garment," "Wash," "Rinse" and "Complete" lights to blink on and off to represent the code.


The error means that the washer has detected a "Heat Failure," meaning the temperature has not reached over 30 degrees Celsius (86 degrees Fahrenheit).


Unplug the washer before you try any repairs. Stop any current loads and remove the laundry before you unplug it.


Check the washer's temperature sensor; it could be loose or unplugged. Unplug and replug the sensor to reset it. Check the connection to the hot water heater and make sure hot water is properly accessed to the washer.


Check the Whirlpool washer guarantee or warranty to see if any new parts are covered (see Resources).

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