How to Clean Chiffon

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When washing chiffon, it is important to be gentle with the fabric to avoid damage. Some chiffon garments can only be dry cleaned, so make sure to read the care label carefully before you attempt to wash one. If the label does not specify dry clean only, you can probably hand wash it with good results. Avoid using any high temperatures when cleaning chiffon because the heat could damage the fibres.

Fill a sink or a plastic wash tub with cool to lukewarm water.

Add a spoonful of mild hand washing detergent such as Woolite to the water.

Place the chiffon garment in the soapy water and gently stir it with your hand to clean the fabric.

Empty the sink or wash tub and refill it with cool, clean water.

Swirl the chiffon around in the clean water to gently rinse away any remaining detergent.

Remove the chiffon from the water and gently squeeze it to remove as much water from the fabric as possible.

Lay the chiffon flat on a clean, dry towel until the fabric is dry.

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