How do I remove bleeding color stains from the laundry?

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Dye transfer occurs when washing a dark or brightly coloured garment with white or light coloured garments. Dye from the dark or bright piece bleeds onto the lighter items.

Rewash immediately

Do not let the dye-transferred garments dry. Remove the dark or bright garment and rewash the load immediately. Fill the washer basin with hot water and add bleach. Let the garments soak, and then complete the wash. Repeat until the washing no longer removes any of the transferred dye.

Spot clean

Fill a spray bottle with equal parts water, ammonia and liquid dish detergent. Spray liberally on any remaining transferred dye. Scrub the dye spots with an old toothbrush.

Try a commerical dye remover

If stains remain in white clothing, a commercial dye remover may do the trick. This is only effective on white clothing, as it will remove all dye, including dye that you want to remain. These dye removers are harsh chemicals and it is important to follow safety instructions, such as wearing rubber gloves.

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