How to put covers back on couch cushions

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When you remove covers from couch covers, whether to clean the covers or make new cushions out of fresh foam, the end of the task involves putting the covers back on the couch cushions. In order to create attractive cushions with tight-fitting covers, the foam fits inside the cushions very closely. After preparing the foam by wrapping batting around it and securing the batting with special fabric netting, you will be ready to insert the couch cushions back into the fabric covers for a snug and pleasing fit to finish your couch project.

Turn the cushion cover inside out completely.

Position the cushion cover so the inside-out edge of the cover that is opposite the zipper edge matches up to the correct side of the cushion. Hold the cushion and the cushion cover together in this position.

Begin turning the cushion cover right side out as you fit it over the cushion. Push and tuck the cushion into the cushion cover as you turn the cover right side out.

Continue pushing the cushion into the cover until the cover is right side out and all corners of the cushion are inside the cover.

Arrange the cushion inside the cover by reaching in with your hands to all the corners. Make the cushion as straight and neat as possible inside the cover.

Zip the cover closed and make final adjustments on the cushion and cover to finish putting the cover back on the couch cushion.

Repeat the same process with each couch cushion.

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