How to Dry Foam Cushions

Many cushions are filled with foam. Foam cushions maintain their shape since the foam is of medium to high density. Sometimes, however, spills or other moisture can seep through the fabric cover and into the foam.

Drying your foam cushions correctly is of the utmost importance because otherwise, mildew can start to form, which can quickly spread and can possibly cause respiratory problems or aggravate allergies.

Remove the foam from the fabric cover. If you can, unzip the cushion cover and remove the foam. If the foam is too large or difficult to remove, you can just unzip the cover to allow more airflow to the foam.

Let the foam cushions air dry. You cannot put foam in the dryer. Lay the cushions out, preferably outside in the sun. If not, any dry room in your house will do. If you can, open the windows and turn on some fans so that they blow on the cushions.

Flip the cushions once or twice a day during the drying process. Depending on how thick your foam cushion is, it could take a few days for the cushion to thoroughly dry.

Use a hair dryer. If you need to speed up the drying process or if the wetness is not completely soaked through, set a hair dryer on low and hold it about 6 inches from the foam and evenly spread the heat across the foam cushion in a back and forth motion.

Return the cushion back to its proper location when the foam is completely dry. If necessary, put the foam back into the cushion cover and zip up.