How to Keep an Ironing Board Cover on the Ironing Board

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Covering your ironing board is important to minimise the chances of dirt ending up on your nice clothes. The cover of an ironing board should be easy to remove, but it also needs to stay on the ironing board while you are ironing. Many ironing board covers come with straps that you secure to help the cover stay in place. These straps are tied, so when you need to remove the cover, you simply cut the straps.

Lay the ironing pad flat on the ironing board. Make sure the pad is facing the correct direction with the narrow end matching up to the narrow end of the board. Some of the pad will hang off the back of the board.

Slip the ironing board cover over the ironing board, starting at the narrow end. Make sure the cover is sitting flat on the board with the bottom folded over the edges. If the cover is not all the way on the board, it will not remain in place.

Pull the straps on either side of the ironing board cover to tighten the cover around the narrow end of the board. Take the strap on the right side and feed it up through the first eyelet on the right side at the end of the cover. Repeat with the strap and eyelet on the left side. If your ironing board is longer than average, use the second eyelet.

Fold the overhanging cover underneath the overhanging pad. You will need to fold over enough pad that the eyelet with the strap through is centred in the height of the edge of the ironing board.

Bring the loose end of the strap underneath the ironing board and through the eyelet found on the side of the cover. Pull the strap gently to tighten the cover around the ironing board. Tie the strap to hold the cover in place.

Repeat Step 5 with the strap on the other side of the ironing board. Make sure to pull the strap tight, but do not yank it; this could break the strap. Cut off any hanging strap with a scissors.

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