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Goodie bag ideas for 13-year-olds

Updated April 17, 2017

Thirteen-year-olds are at an in-between stage. They are no longer considered small children, but they are not yet older teens. A 13-year-old will often enjoy children's toys or treats, but they also want to be considered more grown-up. Goody bags geared toward this age group should reflect this fact.

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For Girls

A goody bag for a sleepover should include things that 13-year-old girls enjoy doing. For instance, they enjoy giving makeovers. Individual make-up items, including applicators, work well for this. Include such items as eyeshadow and lipstick. Shower gel is another option, along with a scrubby. If the girls like to do each other's hair, shampoo, styling products and a brush will be appreciated. Include hair accessories in these bags.

Many teenage girls enjoy giving each other manicures. Place nail polish and polish remover into the goody bags, as well as small manicure kits that include clippers and a nail file. Add nail stickers to the bag.

For Boys

A goody bag for boys can contain a wide range of items. What you place into these bags will depend on the boys, or perhaps will go along with a theme. A water pistol is one option, as are candies or gum. Include sports-related theme party items such as baseball cards or a small basketball hoop with suction cups and a foam basketball. Use fishing line and tackle if the boys enjoy fishing. Place quarters in the bag if they will be visiting an arcade for the festivities.

Event Parties

Include items geared toward the party's activities. If the 13-year-olds will be going to the mall, include quarters or tokens for the arcade, gift tokens for a restaurant and a few dollar bills for a snack and beverage. Place items such as bug repellent and sunscreen into the bags if they will be at the beach. Movie tickets are another option. Include money for soft drinks and snacks, as well as small movie memorabilia items if available. Place candies wrapped in gold foil for a pirate movie, for example.

No Theme

There are options available if you choose not to have a party theme, and if both boys and girls will be attending and you want everyone to receive the same items in their bags. Candy and gum are a good start. Place a small frisbee in each bag for them to enjoy outdoors when the party winds down, as well as a yo-yo.

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