Packaging Ideas for Fudge

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Anyone with a sweet tooth will appreciate a gift of homemade fudge, regardless of how you package it. Even so, creative packaging certainly adds to the joy and experience of receiving homemade treats.

Some packaging ideas can seem elegant, such as fine glassware, while others, like decorative tins, present a festive appearance.

Candy Gift Boxes

Purchase gift boxes specifically designated for candy; they're available at most craft or candy supply stores. Keep the fudge clean and sanitary by lining the boxes with standard or festive waxed paper or placing small squares inside paper candy cups. Decorate these boxes using ribbons, stickers, stamps or tags. Alternatively, wrap the boxes in elegant wrapping paper for a professional appearance.

Fudge in a Mug

For an individual who enjoys baking, consider giving "fudge in a mug," a treat that allows the recipient to actually make the fudge. Place 1/4 cup chocolate chips, 1/4 cup sugar and 1/2 mini marshmallows into separate plastic bags. Place the bags into a microwaveable mug with a gift tag instructing the recipient to combine the enclosed mix with 2 1/2 tablespoons butter before microwaving for 3 minutes and cooling until set. Pick out a colourful, decorative mug, since the mug doubles as the packaging.


Dress up squares of homemade fudge by packaging the squares into festive drinkware. Place the squares in paper candy cups and arrange them inside wine glasses, tea cups or inexpensive glass or plastic punch cups. Avoid letting the fudge rest against the sides of the cups, however, since the squares may smudge the glass.

Holiday Containers

Choose a container that fits with the gift-giving occasion. Find heart-shaped cardboard boxes for Valentine's Day. For Christmas, wrap each square of fudge in individual candy foils, available in most craft and candy supply stores, before packing into small felt stockings or festive winter tins. For Easter, wrap the fudge squares in candy foils and enclose inside plastic eggs.

Glassine and Cellophane

Instead of cutting fudge into the standard, small squares, wrap a block of fudge in glassine, a smooth, thin, glossy paper resistant to both air and water. Tie decorative ribbon around the wrapped block. Cellophane bags, another air-resistant and water-resistant material, present a simpler packaging option. Find brightly coloured or previously decorated cellophane bags at a candy supply or craft store. Place squares of fudge inside and tie the bag's opening closed with a festive ribbon.

Glass Jars

Large glass canning jars can hold more than preserves. Wrap small squares of fudge in individual candy foils to prevent them from smearing the sides of the jar. Fill the jar with as many squares as possible and screw on the lid. Decorate the jar by tying a ribbon around the top or by using stickers to decorate the exterior glass sides.