What Are Wrapping Ideas for a Mug Gift?

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A mug gift is popular but can present a challenge when it needs to be gift-wrapped. Its round shape makes it awkward to tape wrapping paper around it. There are several alternatives to make wrapping the mug easier. Being a little creative in your approach can make a small gift even more festive to receive.


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Placing a gift in a box is the traditional presentation. The mug can be wrapped in tissue paper and put inside a box. The box can then be wrapped and tied with a ribbon. Another approach is to leave the box open, place tissue paper in the bottom so it extends over the edges and place your mug into the box. Fill the mug with inexpensive wrapped candies. A helium-filled balloon can be tied to the handle of the mug; in this case, there is no need to keep the lid.


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A festive way to wrap your mug is to place it in the centre of a large piece of cellophane. Gather the cellophane up around the top of the mug and tie a ribbon around it to secure it. You can use cellophane that is printed with colourful designs. Curled ribbon can be added to the gathered cellophane; a helium-filled balloon can be tied to the ribbon.

Tissue Paper

Placing the mug in the centre of three sheets of tissue paper can be pretty. Pull the paper up and use a ribbon to gather the paper at the top of the mug and secure it. Add a florist's bow to dress it up. Tissue paper comes in many beautiful colours and prints.

Gift Bags

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The easiest method of wrapping a mug is to line a gift bag with tissue paper and place the mug inside the bag. The bags come in all sizes and you can find beautifully printed bags suitable for any occasion. Curled ribbons can be tied to the handles for added colour.

Teddy Bear

For a fun presentation, place the mug in the arms of a teddy bear. Use thin florist's paddle wire and tie it around the "wrists" of the bear to hold the mug in place. A helium balloon can be tied to the bear. You can tuck the bear with the mug into a box or bag and add tissue paper. A flower can be slipped between the mug and the bear's chest.

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