Cool Cake Ideas for a 3-Year-Old Boy

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A boy's third birthday is cause for celebration. Turning three years old means leaving the "terrible twos" behind, developing socially and becoming eager to play with other children. All of which makes for an exciting party but it's not what excites most toddlers' about this birthday; for a three-year-old boy, his birthday party is all about the cake. Especially if that cake was creatively decorated just for him.


Create a delicious landscape of Jurassic adventure with a dinosaur themed birthday cake. Simple embellishments can turn two ordinary layers of cake into an edible prehistoric island. Use a round cake layer for the island and a larger, rectangular cake for the surrounding ocean. After frosting the island with green icing and the ocean with blue, place the island cake on top of the ocean cake, positioning it slightly off-centre. Add trees to the island by pushing rock candy sticks or skinny candy bars halfway into the cake, so they remain upright. Doughnut holes frosted with grey icing work well as boulders and rocks. Give the birthday boy an extra treat and populate the island with plastic dinosaur figurines.

Outer Space

Send the birthday boy on an intergalactic adventure with a cake from outer space. First, cover a flat rectangular cake with white icing, then apply a thick layer of black sugar crystals, making sure to cover it completely. The effect is a blue-black starry space sky. For the planets, cut the tops off four or five cupcakes, cover them with brightly coloured icing and arrange them on the rectangular cake in a pattern of celestial orbit. As a final touch, include a toy space ship; place it on the cake so that it appears to be blasting through the galaxy.


Create a pirate-themed cake. The skull and crossbones, or "the jolly roger," is the famous pirate symbol and easy to replicate with icing. Cover any style cake with black icing and then use white icing to draw the skull and crossbones on top. Give the skull a red bandanna or pirate's hat with red icing and don't forget the eye patch. When presenting the birthday cake, surround it with chocolate gold coins.

Cars and Trucks

Design a racetrack around the edge of the cake with icing. Place toy cars around the track. Be sure there aren't any parts too small for the three-year-old. Or create a dirt bike track and arrange dirt bikes, RTVs or monster trucks. Have a monster truck crushing cars made of icing. Or select from exotic sports cars. Find which car the three-year-old covets most and place it in the centre of the cake. Let the kids play with the cars after you wipe off the icing.

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