Black white & gray living room ideas

While some aim to create a rich and colourful living room, others seek something that is sleek and contemporary. If you are looking for the latter, consider adopting a black, white and grey colour scheme for your living room.

By doing so, you can effectively craft a cool and modern space that is reflective of your personal aesthetic.

Shades of Gray Accent Wall

Add some excitement to your black and grey space by creating an accent wall featuring different shades of a grey of your choice. Purchase grey paint in several different values. Ensure that your greys, while different, still complement each other. Tape off stripes or geometric shapes on your wall, and use the greys you selected to fill in the created spaces. Your resulting wall will be a geometric homage to contemporary decor

Black and White Photos

Transform your favourite family photos into fitting images for this space by having them reprinted in black and white. Place these black and white photos in metallic or lacquered frames, and set them on end tables or hang them on walls.

Metal Furnishings

Instead of going with your standard end tables, select metallic ones to carry through your black, white and grey theme. Look for shiny metallic options, perhaps featuring glass centres, or select a brushed nickel version for a truly distinctive look.

Lacquered Pieces

If you would prefer to repurpose your existing furniture pieces to fit your new colour scheme, do so by lacquering them. Sand and paint your old furniture pieces in white, black or grey to fit the room. Select a glossy paint so your repainted pieces better fit the feel of the space you have created.

Glass Accents

Add to the contemporary feel you have created with your black, white and grey decor by adding glass accents. Place glass boxes, candle holders or statues carefully on your living room surfaces. These additions will likely shimmer and shine, reflecting your grey, black and white pieces.

Stone Additions

Integrate natural greys into your decor by adding stone accent pieces to your room. Purchase candle holders crafted of stone and create an arrangement with them in the centre of your coffee table, or select small stone figures to rest atop your living room surface.