One of the hardest jobs in organising a college scavenger hunt is to create the list of objects to find or tasks to complete. The hunt list can contain common items that are easy to find around campus or in the local community, rare objects that require skill to track down, pictures of team members in unusual places, or silly pranks or assignments to perform. Ideas and objects are everywhere.

  • One of the hardest jobs in organising a college scavenger hunt is to create the list of objects to find or tasks to complete.

Common Scavenger Hunt Objects

You can find the following common objects in dorms or the local community:

Pink plastic shower cap

Giant underwear

Garden weasel

Plastic Easter egg

Menu from a local restaurant


Blood donor card

Business card from a funeral home or unusual business

Pink flamingo

Coonskin cap

Program from a professional sports event

Happy Meal toy

Lime green shoelace

Receipt from a local Wal-Mart or Target

Size 14 man's shoe

Bent 2006 penny

Picture of Billy Mays

A cubic zirconium

Garden gnome

Sponge Bob Pez

Christmas card and envelope with postmark sent to a team member

Dr. Scholl's gel insole

Shopping bag from a sexy lingerie store

Stapler suspended in lemon jello

Out of state driver's license

Program from a Sunday church service

Newspaper written in Chinese

Donkey pinata

Burger King crown

Hair of the dog

Red pantyhose

Inflatable Santa


Campus Treasures

Find a picture of the college mascot on campus.

Teams will find these objects on their college campus:

Picture of the school mascot

Copy of the freshman orientation catalogue

Scantron testing form

College essay with an F grade

Unsharpened pencil with the school logo

Jersey worn in the school's last game

University police parking citation

Business card from the president's office

Recruitment letter from the athletic department

Blue book from an exam

Cheerleader's autographed picture

Minutes from a science club's meeting

School yearbook that is at least 10 years old

Rice Krispie treat shaped like the school mascot

Ticket from a swim team meet

Brochure from the alumni centre

Chinese exchange student's signature


Take A Picture

Some scavenger hunt lists require taking pictures.

Some scavenger hunts require that the teams take a picture at a location or while performing a task. Here are some photo ideas:

Picture of a team member in a laundromat dryer

Old person yelling at a team member

Picture of the team with a llama

The team with a giant statue from a local restaurant

A team member in a dentist's office

A team member at the police station with an officer

Kissing a statue of the college founder



The following scavenger hunt ideas for performing a task need to be videotaped or presented in person:

Professor singing the college fight song

Team members singing in a karaoke club

Child reciting the Pledge of Allegiance

Team member washing dishes in the cafeteria

Team members playing musical chairs outdoors

Spraying a team member with cans of whipped cream

A mini-gymnastics routine