Fun High School Reunion Ideas

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Whether it's been 10 years, 20 years or 50 years, high school reunions are a time to catch up with old friends and reminisce about days gone by. Besides the usual chatting and eating, fun activities can make a reunion extra special and help people enjoy each other's company.

Name Tags

Instead of wearing name tags, have reunion attendees pin their senior picture on their lapel. See how any people can remember the names of their classmates. Have everyone write their name on the picture when the game is over.


Karaoke singing featuring music from the graduation year will not only get the partygoers tapping their feet, it's also sure to get many laughs. Pair up old friends for duets. Prizes can be awarded for various karaoke performances including best, worst and most entertaining.


If singing doesn't get everyone in the party spirit, open up the dance floor and blast hit tunes from the reunion's high school years. Pass out trophies to the attendees who can still cut a rug.


Create a slide show of "Then and Now" photos featuring baby pictures and current pictures. Set the slide show to the class song. Take the show to another level by playing a matching game where baby photos are lined up on the wall. People must guess which attendees are represented in the photos.

  • Create a slide show of "Then and Now" photos featuring baby pictures and current pictures.


Sure to get a collective "Aww," display photos of the partygoers children. Award prizes to the attendees with the most children and those who have been married the longest.

Back Then

Have a "Back Then" segment which highlights items from the graduation year including a camera, music player, hairstyles and clothing. Compare the prices of products from the graduation year to the current year.


Pass around a video camera so everyone gets a chance to record the reunion from their point of view. Ask the classmates to interview each other. Make the video available online after the reunion.


Have each person create a list of three occupations, one of which is their current profession. See how many people can guess the correct answer.

Social Networking

Encourage partygoers to stay in touch via social networking sites such as Facebook. Create a Facebook page for the reunion where classmates can view photos, add each other as friends and arrange other class get togethers.