Interior wall color schemes that go with a burgundy sofa

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Choosing a wall colour to complement a sofa can be a difficult project, due to the huge variety of choices in paints currently. However, burgundy can go with a wide range of wall colours, depending on the look you're going for.

Take into account the location of your room and natural light in addition to the style of your sofa and the colours of your other furniture.

White, Cream and Beige

Light, warm-toned neutrals can offset a burgundy couch nicely, especially if the room does not have a lot of natural light. If your room is lacking windows, or is in a heavily shaded area, matching dark walls with burgundy upholstery could make the room feel smaller and dark. Try pairing cream walls with darker trim in a tone that will pick up the colour of the sofa. The darker trim colour can really help tie the look of the furniture and the walls together.

Gray, Tan and Dark Brown

Pairing deep colours with grey rather than white or black is a contemporary trend in both clothing and interior design. Gray walls with white trim can look fresh with a burgundy sofa. Make sure that you take a wide variety of grey paint chips from a store to ensure that you choose a tone that goes well with your sofa. While creams and whites can be relatively easy to choose from, greys can vary widely, and the correct pairing is essential. Tan walls can make a burgundy sofa look warm, and dark brown trim or accents can enliven a room.

Gold, Orange and Yellow

While many shy away from bright colours, gold, orange and yellow tones can beautifully complement burgundy shades in fabric. Choose tones that are closer to the base shade in the burgundy, so that you're not choosing a warm orange to pair with a cool-toned burgundy. Paint chips and small sample jars of paint will provide you with an opportunity to look at the sofa and the wall colour together under a variety of lighting conditions. White trim will offset the wall colours nicely.

Dark Brown, Navy and Green

Painting walls with deep colours can make a room look smaller; however, it can also give a classic, Old World feel when paired with a burgundy sofa and dark wood furniture. Painting your walls with these colours will give the room a cosy feeling, appropriate for northern climates. Keep in mind that it may take many coats of paint to completely cover the walls with deeper colours. Stained wood trim is a traditional accent for these wall colours.