Emergency Services Costume Ideas

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There are a variety of emergency services costume ideas that can be used by children, men or women's costumes for the next Halloween party or night of trick-or-treating. Emergency services costumes can be purchased from a variety of Online and brick and mortar Halloween stores, although store-bought costumes can often cost a pretty penny. Another option for an emergency service costume is a homemade one which will take more creativity but costs much less.


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You can purchase an elaborate ready-made firefighter costume from any number of sources that feature full gear, including reflective tape, boots, helmet and accessories such as axes and hoses. Women's ready-made firefighter costumes are often smaller versions in the form of short dresses or a shirt and skirt ensemble. Instead of purchasing an expensive ready-made children's firefighter costume, consider making one using a black sweat suit, reflective tape and an inexpensive plastic fireman's hat and badge purchased from a party store.

Police Officer

A police officer is yet another option for an emergency service costume. Again, you can purchase a ready-made costume which may consist of black trousers or shorts, a blue shirt and black boots for men's and children's costumes or a blue dress and tall black boots for a women's costume. Accessories can include aviator sunglasses, a silver badge and a truncheon or plastic gun. You can spend less money and go the homemade route by looking for old uniforms at a thrift store or a military surplus store and adding inexpensive accessories.


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A paramedic costume looks similar to a firefighter's uniform, but instead most paramedic uniforms are dark blue. Likewise, the paramedic uniform is differentiated by the medical symbol that is worn on the uniform. Paramedic uniforms are available online and many include a shirt, trousers and dark blue jacket with reflective safety tape affixed. If you aren't looking to spend a lot of money, a homemade paramedic costume might consist of basic black trousers, a dark blue dress shirt with a silver badge and blue paramedic patches, a blue baseball cap with the words "paramedic" affixed, a stethoscope and rubber gloves.

Bomb Squad

A bomb squad costume would be a great individual or group costume idea. Several people dressed up in bomb squad uniforms, followed around by a remote controlled car or truck with some added cardboard armour would make for a fully-functioning imaginary bomb squad, ready to take out any dangerous bombs (fake ones of course). There are multiple types of bomb squad costumes that can be found online, most being green- or dark-coloured trousers and shirt with a fake armoured vest attached and the words "bomb squad" written on the front and back. A homemade bomb squad costume may be done just as easily by purchasing old military uniforms and cutting out some cardboard or foam for the appearance of body armour. Fabric paint or iron-on letters will help you label yourself as a bomb squad member.

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