How to make realistic looking microphones

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Going to a fancy dress party as a rock or pop star is a popular costume, but it requires a microphone to complete the outfit. The problem is kids' plastic microphones do not look realistic and real ones are rather expensive. Realistic fakes microphones can be bought, but cost money and need to be ordered in advance. Using materials found around the house, it is easy to make a realistic fake microphone.

Find a suitable ball to use for the mouth piece. A tennis ball is good, if slightly too large. Alternatively scrunch up some soft paper and wrap it in tin foil.

Spray paint the ball black or silver or colour it in with marker pens. Silver is best for the glamorous pop star look, black more suited to news reporter. If there is any gauze available to put over the top of the ball before colouring, this would make it look even more realistic.

Colour the microphone handpiece black using the marker pens or spray paint. Kitchen towel tubes are best in terms of size, although toilet roll tubes could also be used. Alternatively, any thin plastic tubing could be used.

Attach a cardboard tube to the ball using the sticky tape. Fix lots of tape to the side of the roll and attach one long piece to the outside.

Fix a short length of cable coming out of the bottom of the tube using sticky tape to complete the effect. Any old electrical cable will be suitable from an old video or DVD player for example.

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