How to Coordinate Gold & Red in a Bedroom

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Gold and red is a majestic choice for a bedroom colour theme. Use various textures and materials to carry the theme throughout the bedroom and coordinate jewel tones that mimic ruby and brushed gold.

When you dress the bed in decorative linens and add touches of both red and gold in window dressings and accessories, you coordinate the colours seamlessly.

Set the tone for your room with a deep red accent wall. Adjacent walls can be a neutral earth tone or can also be painted red if there is a lot of natural lighting available in the room.

Dress the bed with jewel-toned red bedding with gold accent threading. This gives the room a majestic look that is rich and royal.

Pile the bed with gold and red pillows. Use material with a mixed gold-and-red design for additional pillows to help coordinate the colours.

Place black- or cream-coloured wood furnishings in the room and trim with thin lines of gold metallic paint to carry the gold colour throughout the room.

Hang red sheer curtains on the windows to add privacy and to coordinate the colour of the wall and bedding. Add a gold tassel tieback to bring the gold colour to the window area.

Use an art print that uses both red and gold as dominate colours to further coordinate the space.

Frame personal photographs in gold, black and red picture frames to place on bureau or chest of drawers.

Place a neutral-coloured chair or loveseat in a large bedroom space and add a red or gold throw or pillow to carry the colour across the space.