How to Make a TV Cake

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Retro TV night is an inexpensive way to entertain a group of friends. Create a retro TV-shaped cake to tie the refreshments in with your viewing selection. This cake design is a throwback to the 1960s, with large channel changing dials and silver antennas. Select a television show with merchandising tie-ins to decorate the screen, or celebrate classic video game and go for Pac-Man or Super Mario Brothers.

Lay one cake layer in the centre of a serving tray. Cover the layer with a 1/2 cup of chocolate frosting.

Center the second layer on top of the first, matching up the edges. Frost the sides of the cakes with chocolate frosting.

Imagine a rectangle with rounded edges in the centre of the top of the cake. Frost this rectangle with white frosting. Keep the rectangle at least one inch away from the top and left edges of the cake, and four inches away from the right edge. This white area will be the screen.

Frost the top of the cake around the rectangle with chocolate frosting. This is the frame box around the screen on the television.

Place two chocolate cookies on the top of the cake on the right side of the chocolate frame. These circle cookies are the dials to change the channels on the cake.

Cover two pretzel rods with aluminium foil. Stick the rods into the side of the cake that represents the top of the television. These are the antennas for the television.

Lay the action figures or plastic toys on the cake in the centre of the screen. Arrange the toys to look like a scene in a television show. Add plastic trees, gumball machine prizes or any other elements that will add to the scene.

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