How to Make Your Own Knitting Pin

The Portuguese style of knitting uses a knitting pin. The knitting pin is attached to your shirt near your shoulder. The pin holds the working yarn to help provide even tension to the knitting stitches. This style of knitting is also popular in Greece, Egypt and Turkey.

The knitting pin has an open hook that is used to loop the working yarn over while knitting. Make a simple knitting pin using a sock hanger and a large safety pin.

Position a large safety pin 2 inches from the top of your shoulder and centred between your shoulder and neck. Attach the pin to your shirt. If you're right handed, the safety pin will be attached near your left shoulder, and vice versa.

Turn the sock hanger so the U shape is upside down. Turn the hanger so the hook lays flat against your left shoulder. Slide the back hook on the sock hanger between your shirt and safety pin.

Rotate the sock hanger so the hooks are pointing straight out from your body. Loop your yarn through the front hook. You have created a knitting pin.