How to Get Rid of a Blue Lip

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Light or dark bruising on the lips can result in a distracting and embarrassing blue colouration of the mouth. Whether you've been hit or accidentally bit down on the sensitive area, you can reduce both swelling and the blue bruising.

Wrap an ice pack in a paper towel and place the ice pack on your lip for about 20 minutes every other hour. The towel will prevent the pack from getting too cold on your lip. Icing the bruised area can help reduce swelling and the blue colouration.

Apply lipstick as an easy cover-up for your bruising. Use a small amount that doesn't look like an obvious concealer. Dab your choice of shade onto your index finger and spread it lightly over the bruised area.

Use plain concealer for men or women who prefer not to apply lipstick. Dab the concealer onto your index finger and spread lightly over the bruised area.