How to Cover Up Eyebrow Wax Burn

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Waxing your eyebrows sometimes can lead to painful and unsightly burns on your skin. Even though these types of burns usually aren't serious, they can be annoying eyesores for a while, until they heal. Luckily you can conceal most wax burns in the eyebrow area by using a few simple products and techniques.

Apply an aloe vera gel or lotion to the area three to four times a day until the area has healed. This healing aid comes from the aloe vera plant and has been used to treat minor burns and other non-serious wounds, according to the Mayo Clinic . Helping the area to heal will make the visible burn less conspicuous as time passes.

Apply a thin layer of liquid foundation make-up to the area. You might want to use a type of foundation that is formulated for sensitive skin in order to reduce the likelihood of irritation. Dab the foundation on gently with a soft make-up sponge.

Apply neutral eye shadow colours and a soft eyeliner and mascara colour rather than jet black. Using neutral colours on the eyes will draw less attention to the area.

Apply a bolder lipstick colour and use a tone of blush that is appropriate for your skin tone. Enhancing other areas of the face, such as the lips, will draw attention away from the eyes.