How to Shave With Efudex

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Efudex, also known as fluorouracil, is a topical cream prescribed for patients with solar keratoses skin disease or superficial basal cell carinoma. This disease is visible in the form of lesions on the skin and is a result of years spent in the sun without protection, even during childhood. Skin keratoses however usually become visible in the adult years and should be treated properly to prevent more serious disease such as squamous cell carcinoma. Efudex can be used daily without interfering with daily activities, including shaving.

Cleanse face with soap and water.

Apply a shaving cream to wet face as you normally would in the morning. Talk to your doctor about the type of shaving cream you are allowed to use. According to Efudex FAQ's, patients are not advised to use skin products such as lotions or creams while using Efudex unless directed by a doctor.

Use a disposable razor rather than an electric razor, which will allow you to be gentle on skin and avoid certain areas.

Shave gently without applying too much pressure. The goal is to not irritate skin. Be careful about peeling skin which may result in scars or inflammation. Shave very carefully until the desired effect is achieved. Do not apply an aftershave which will irritate the delicate skin.

Pat skin dry gently with a clean towel.

Apply Efudex cream to the affected area using your hands or an applicator once it is dry. Make sure to cover the lesions completely. Be careful when applying the cream around the eyes, nose and mouth. If using an Efudex solution, hold the applicator of the container against your skin and squeeze until a small amount touches the skin. This solution can also be used around hair if you decide not to shave.

Apply sunscreen if going outside and only if directed by a doctor. Skin is extremely sensitive after shaving and Efudex makes it even more sensitive and prone to burns or irritation. Stay out of the sun as much as possible.

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