How to dye skin with food colouring

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There are numerous reasons that you might have to dye your skin. Special occasion, holiday and boredom, are just a few. Using speciality dyes to colour your skin can be quite expensive. Instead, try using food colouring. Food colouring will not permanently dye your skin, but the effects should last for at least a day, maybe more. When dying the skin with food colouring, avoid exposure to water as this will fade the food colouring or even wash some of it away.

Clean and dry the skin thoroughly. The food colouring will not saturate moist skin. Do not add any moisturisers or creams.

Pour the food colouring into small bowls. Remember to use separate bowls for each colour, unless you are blending the food colouring to make new one. It will take a lot of food colouring to dye your skin. Purchasing the food colouring that comes in large containers will help offset the cost.

Dip the head of the foam brush into the food colouring. Remove the brush and press it against the inside of the bowl. This will remove any excess colouring so that none gets wasted.

Apply the food colouring directly to the skin. Brush or dab it on. Allow it to dry before applying any more coats.

Add the food colouring to the airbrush machine's colour cup. Remember to connect the compressor hose to the bottom of your spray gun before you begin.

Push down on the trigger of the airbrush gun to make sure the air flows through freely. The trigger is located on the top of the airbrush gun. It it a little knob that moves down and back. When you are ready to paint your skin, push down and then pull back on the trigger. This will release the food colouring along with the air.

Hold the airbrush gun about 15 cm (6 inches) from your skin while painting. To cover large areas, a back and forth motion works well.

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