How to hide nasolabial folds with concealer

Pixland/Pixland/Getty Images

Who knew smiling could cause such unsightly creases in the face? Nasolabial folds are the parentheses shaped lines that form from the side of the nose to the mouth. Since these lines create shadows on the face, the key is lightening the area. Use a concealer one shade lighter than your skin tone and foundation.

A moisturising concealer will work best here. Anything dry will draw attention to any sort of line. A highlighting pencil or pen is an ideal tool as well. A pink toned highlighter will counteract shadows on any skin tone creating a less shadowy appearance.

Apply foundation to your face as you normally would. If you do not wear foundation skip to step three.

Allow the foundation to fully set.

Take concealer and apply it with your pinky finger making five tiny dots along each nasolobial line. Be sure to blend the concealer by gently patting it into the skin.

Allow concealer to set.

Take the highlighter and go over the concealer with easy up and down strokes. If the highlighter is a pencil simply draw in lines up and down directly on face. If it is a liquid highlighter, dot it with your pinky finger.

Blend the highlighter along the nasolabial lines but also blend it just outside the lines by gently patting it into the skin.

Apply the rest of your make-up as you normally would taking care to avoid dusting the nasolabial area with powder – this will only accentuate the lines.