How to build homemade archery target plans

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Homemade archery targets can be made quickly and easily for only a few dollars. This is an inexpensive alternative to spending £65 or more on a commercial archery target. These archery targets are sturdy and durable enough to withstand both arrows and crossbow bolts. Many of the materials used to make this target can be found around your home.

Build a frame for the archery target using 2" x 4" wooden boards. Make legs for the frame by nailing the middle of one board horizontally to the end of another board making a "T" shape. Repeat to make the other leg. Turn these two legs upside down and nail the last board across the top as a crossbeam to finish the frame.

Fill two burlap sacks, which can be purchased from a local feed store, with old clothing, rags or other filler material. If you use old clothing, be sure to remove any zippers or buttons using a pair of scissors. Be sure to pack the material tightly into the sack to prevent an arrow from going completely through the target. Cardboard can also be used to fill the sacks.

Close the open end of the burlap sack with plastic zip ties. Alternatively, you can sew the open end shut with a sewing needle and yarn.

Draw your target on the front of the burlap sack using a permanent marker.

Hammer two nails through the top of the crossbeam of the frame at about the width of the burlap sack. Loop a plastic zip tie through each top corner of the sack and hook them over the top of the nails to hang it from the target frame.

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